Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi There

I'm hoping to guide you through the treacherous overgrowth that is the New York art scene....What sucks? What's worth your time? What is required viewing? Stay tuned and be attuned to the mystical forces of awesomeness soon to be revealed in the Opening Salvation.

I'm going to focus on the art but I won't be above reading a gallery for a bad party. And if I spot a celebrity it'll be in the blog. I little bit of fun goes a long way.

Please post comments when I get to actual posting...I'd be glad to have arguments and discussions about ideas but won't get into mudslinging nerd fights.... just regular good-natured nerd fights here please.

I'll be posting once a week for starters with a post about this week's Chelsea openings coming soon.

Check out the list of openings at artcards.

In other news, I just started reading Relational Aesthetics. I'll let you know how that goes.